Were  A Small Production team that works under Uphoria Animation Studio. Which was recently founded in 2020. We have a broad group of talented Artist, Writers, and Animators. And the first Animation that will be Showcase for the company is "LimeLight"


The Series

Dreams Are For Those That kill For it To Come True

Limelight Is about a Young Black Woman Ashira GoldenFire, born and raised in New Orleans. That seeks to make a name for herself in the music industry. With her best Friend Cheryl Stone, and goes through hardships and the evolution of music. As they reach they're dream together. although Ashira's path becomes more difficult, by bringing a Voodoo man in her life, Carter Sillver. And Soon falls into something deeper than what she bargained for. But was it good or bad?

A Series With a Twisted Love Story and Adventure.